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SCENT MARKETING as an effective technology in business.

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The oasis® Ukraine started business in 1998.

One of the main trends in the activities is Fragrances for Business; it is developed within the project oasis®AirConcept. In 2004 it defined our strategy, based on the theory of multisensual marketing – a powerful instrument to develop up-to-date ways of communication focused on the client.

Understanding the influence of aromas on customers and positioning of fragrances in the marketing scheme of our clients help our experts use the sense of smell for keeping a certain brand/ product/ service in mind of customers.

Today our clients represent various spheres of business (trade and merchandising, hospitality industry, tourism and travel organization, entertainment industry, holding of events and activities), where the effect of aroma signals is the most visible and brand and corporative style are the most valuable things in the development.

The core of our interest includes such spheres of aroma usage as olfactive design and aroma marketing.

The current offers to our clients are as follows:

  • the innovative projects in the spheres of aroma marketing and olfactive design;
  • integrated approach to the implementation of the Fragrances for Business project;
  • distinct positioning of aroma in the client’s marketing  scheme;
  • detailed instructions about choosing a fragrance;
  • supplying modern materials and equipment;
  • monitoring the effect of the project.

The assortment includes over 600 of fragrances from leading European laboratories. We boast fine perfumes and striking technological aromas (such as Aroma of Elephant or of Formula1). We can order more aromas in addition to the mentioned above.

Fragrances are supplied through the airflows, using effective equipment.

Compact devices allow for setting necessary configurations of supplying and dosage of the chosen aroma. The devices themselves are unnoticeable for customers and don’t cause unwanted associations.

Range of the devices can cover very small spaces, large indoor rooms and open spaces.

Taking into account such a great choice of means oasis® Ukraine is able to elaborate lots of marketing schemes on request of its clients. These can vary from aromatization of art cafes or printing of fragranced promo-materials to creating a “scent fireworks” during festivals and exhibitions.

Wide range of services, in its turn, enables our clients to implement sensual marketing into their business and, as a result, to do it more effectively and successfully. Implementation of the oasis® AirConcept project in various regions of Ukraine became the reason of long-term relations with owners of hotels, restaurants, trading and wellness centers.

Today the team of oasis® Ukraine specialists, who have at their disposal unique technical experience of European and American companies working in the sphere of aroma marketing, are open for cooperation and invite for searching united and effective strategies to strengthen the image of their clients and to promote the trade mark with the help of fragrances.

For reference:

According to psychological researches about 3000 advertisements attack us daily. They are enclosed into sound and visual signals. Bright and loud banners, videos, audios…

This tremendous flood of similar irritants blocks the reception of information and the usual two-dimension marketing doesn’t make any effect. This is the way how the organism’s defensive reaction works; it was described by the world-known scientist I.P. Pavlov, as reaction, when the summation of irritations causes paralysis. In the whole run immense efforts of specialists of marketing and promo-managers hardly have any result.

According to Martin Lindstrom, a well-known expert specialist in the sphere of marketing and the theory of branding, the way out of the present situation lies nowhere but in the understanding of the mechanisms of perception.

Actually it’s possible to attract a customer’s attention only appealing to all 5 senses. In other words, successful communications can be achieved only by creating a 5-dimension space, in which visual and sound signals will act simultaneously with tactual, gustatory and olfactory stimuli, and which will guarantee effective results. At the same time, sensual marketing supporters claim that smell is one of the most powerful means of affecting customers, as the smell signal comes to the brain faster than visible or audible information, the fragrance association is stronger and deeper, though its effect may be not realized by people.

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